Everyday Life

I realized recently that I haven’t given an introduction on my “new” life.
Now, I also realize that sounds a little silly, but there are some new friends around here lately and I want everyone to know who I am, and what my life looks life. And to be fair, a lot has happened that I haven’t fully explained. Let’s take a little scroll through what these deliberate spaces of my life look like lately.

So let’s get started.

Below: That’s me! But more importantly, that’s my handsome husband beside me. We were married on a gorgeous September day in the mountains of Tennessee. We honeymooned in Emerald Isle, NC where my family grew up vacationing. We moved to a tiny new home when we got back and it was filled with little problems right off the bat. We did have many good moments in that home, despite the difficulties. Our first Christmas, New Years with friends, Sean’s 24th birthday, and several nights with those close to us. In February, however, that tiny home was filled with 700 gallons of dirty water. We salvaged what we could which wasn’t much. We have stayed temporarily at 3 different homes in spare rooms and basements since it happened. The week after, my sister married the love of her life in Raleigh, NC. I was matron of honor and photographer. It was a great joy in my life. In March, I celebrated my 24th birthday and bought a good pair of shoes. It’s a thing you can do on your birthday, and when you’re mourning the loss of a LOT of belongings. In April, my students had their play and I directed. It was truly a stressful but glorious season to bring their story to life. Which brings us to May. May is a season that I haven’t been able to quite give one descriptor to. May has brought a lot of joy and a lot of pain simultaneously. It has been full of confusion and confidence, heartache and rebuilding. I will let you know what comes of May when the Lord reveals it to me…









Hello 2019!

While there was good in it, we welcomed the start of a new year. We’ve moved into a new place, we both have new jobs since the last time I updated this page and I completed my Master’s Degree. Sean completes his this summer. I am savoring every little bit of this busy year and season.