Scattered & Shattered (Perceptions)

Perception is such a fickle thing.
It is so subjective.
So temporary.
So inconsistent.
So stressful.
So biased.
And it can be so cruel.


Sort of.

It depends on what you base your perception on.
It depends on who you base your perception on.

When I am making a personal comparison based on myself, this world;
I am often left: in sin, hurt, weak, broken, confused, sad, crushed, and let down.

When I base my perception of myself and of the people of this world on Christ;
I am left with
And I am left with hope, healing, strength that is not my own, and life.

If I look into the mirror and my perception is left to personal and worldly judgement, I will focus on my flaws. I will notice that blemish on my face, I will see where I feel like I could lose a few pounds, I will see that stain on the corner of my blouse, I will analyze until there is nothing left to pick apart. But when I look into the mirror and I look for Christ’s perception and love, I will see that I am His, I am uniquely designed, I am prized, I am beautiful because I am a body and soul with His purpose and His image etched into my heart.

The other week I was cleaning one of the rooms in the gym at camp.
When I walked to one side of the room I noticed that the mirror had fallen down and shattered. The pieces were all different sizes; some so small they looked like specs of dust, and some larger than my palm. As I bent down to begin picking up the pieces, I noticed something. Depending on the size and angle that I looked at myself in the shattered mess, I looked different each time. Some shards made me look smaller, larger, taller, shorter, angled. It is the same as we walk through this life. We often see things different than those around us. This is why it is impossible to please everyone. This is why it’s vital to live life with the goal to please the One that really matters.
This doesn’t just pertain to how we perceive and treat ourselves. 
It is so important in dealing with those around us – our brothers and sisters.

We are all guilty of not doing that at times.
Name calling. Criticizing how someone is dressed. Their size. Their appearance.

But …

We are the unique ones created to bear the image of the Creator.

Not the gorgeous sunset you instagrammed last night.
Not the waves crashing against your feet at the shore.
Not the sky full of innumerable stars you sat outside to gaze at.
Not the complex wildlife roaming the earth.
Not the breathtaking field full of wildflowers beside a country road.
With how in awe we are left by those things, they pale in comparison to how God views us.


He chose us first.
He chose us first to bear His image, to speak His truth to this world, to glorify Him.
If we neglect to, He will still be praised through those things. But we have the amazing connection to Him; that He chose us first. He chose us to be close. To be His.

As you go through this day.
As you go through this life;
Treat yourself and treat others for what and Whose they are.
We are image-bearers of the Creator Himself. 
Cover those you encounter with that Truth. Bask in it. Thrive in it.

You are His.

Live like it.


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