Campfire, Convictions, and Childlike Faith

This past week was the first regular season week of the camp I work at.
It was hectic at times.
It was jumbled at times.
It was overwhelming at times.
It was filled with stress at times.
It seemed impossible at times.

at times.

And there is a trend that I picked up on with those times.
The times of stress, chaos, and confusion were all times where I did not have a firm grasp on the hand of my Creator. Those times were diluted with my own judgement, my own desire to handle things on my own, and my will to prove myself. These “at times” occurred when I chose to look inward at myself and/or outward to the world; instead of upward at my God.

I did not come to this realization on my own, however.
My eyes were opened via two elementary school girls that God is working through.

The first time was earlier on in the week.
I had been having a rough day.
I was ignoring what God was trying to speak to me, and instead I was focused on myself.
I wasn’t seeking His guidance. I wasn’t looking to Him.
My focus was:
How tired I was.
How stressed I was.
How frustrated I was.
How busy I was.

And then something happened.
Although I am head of staff for the camp and not a camp counselor, I was asked to talk with someone during the invitation time. This took me by surprise, but I did it anyway.

Girl #1 and I went outside and sat in a gazebo in front of the lake.
I expected this to be like many other times: 
The girl says something about being convicted from the sermon, she’s confused, I pray, it’s over.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We sat down and I asked what was going on and why she came to talk. She left me speechless when she replied: “I want to continue drawing closer to God. I want to know Jesus, really know Him. I want to learn and keep learning so that when I’m older I don’t look at this as wasted time that I didn’t know Him. I want to love like He does and make Him proud. Don’t you know He’s proud of us right now because we’re talking about Him and you’re helping me learn more about Him. He’s happy. And I love that.”

Instantly my heart softened and I realized that while girl #1 felt like I was encouraging and helping her, she was also doing the same for me. We talked candidly for almost two hours about life, faith, the Gospel, and various places in the Bible.
Girl #2 was the next day.
She came up to me while I was lifeguarding and handed me some paper.
When I looked at the painting on it, I told her it was beautiful and went about my business.
Soon enough, I realized that she was still standing beside me, holding the painting.

I asked her why she brought it to the pool, since it had a chance of getting wet.
She responded that she painted it in one of her morning classes for me because it made her think of me.

The painting showed this phrase: I love God like no other.

No. Other.

Instantly my heart was convicted as I looked over my week.
Was I living as if I loved God like no other? Not always.
This fourth grader was a beautiful reminder that even when I am unaware, there’s always the chance that someones eyes will be on me. And that during that time, I can show that person Christ, or I can turn them from Him.

I cannot leave it for someone else to live life loving God like no other.

As Christians, we carry quite the task.

Between these two young ladies as well as being out at campfire hearing the sound of almost one hundred kids singing worship songs, I was gently reminded by God why it is important to keep hold of a childlike faith.

To be curious and seek Him.
To be bold and talk about Him.
To be innocent and trust Him.
To be fearless and sing His praises.
To be patient and listen to Him.
To be open and talk to Him.
I am thankful that God opens my eyes to His purpose and commands for my life in some of the most beautiful ways. I am blessed to see Him working through these campers; not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others as well.

May I always be able to hold firmly to childlike faith.


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