Whirlpools & Swimming Upstream

Summer is finally here, or almost here for some. The weather is heating up, the sun is shining a little brighter. Everything is better about summer, right? Sometimes. Now that it’s summer, people will start swimming. I’ll probably swim some too. I used to swim in my grandparents pool since I was a baby. I… Continue reading Whirlpools & Swimming Upstream


Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 3: Jump

Jump. Don’t jump. Those are the two thoughts that cross my mind as I lifeguard and I make the judgment call as to whether the swimmer is in need of help. I’m a saver. I guard and save lives; it’s what I do. In a split second I have to discern whether I jump into… Continue reading Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 3: Jump

Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 2

Struggles Everyone always talks about struggling. This week I have talked about various things being ‘the struggle’ Just tonight at dinner I spoke with a friend about being on the ‘struggle bus’ Struggles can come in the form of many things. Struggles can be big, or they can be small. Struggles can be internal, or… Continue reading Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 2