Whirlpools & Swimming Upstream

Summer is finally here, or almost here for some. The weather is heating up, the sun is shining a little brighter. Everything is better about summer, right? Sometimes. Now that it’s summer, people will start swimming. I’ll probably swim some too. I used to swim in my grandparents pool since I was a baby. I… Continue reading Whirlpools & Swimming Upstream


To be, or not to be, or to be both, or to be none at all.

The last few weeks (month, really) have flown by. They were incredibly demanding and very busy. I had a choir tour. An exit interview to take. Research papers to submit. Finals to study for (and take) A commencement speech to write. A dorm room to pack up. An apartment to move things into. A baccalaureate… Continue reading To be, or not to be, or to be both, or to be none at all.

Friendships, party games, and something about water.

As I’m sitting here trying to find the words for this blog, I’m smiling and chuckling to myself. The title is definitely a collaborative effort of some of my friends a couple weeks ago. It has become customary to make jokes when we all hang out as to whether I’m going to blog about the experience… Continue reading Friendships, party games, and something about water.