I’m Perfecting Busyness

Perfect outfit. Perfect Pictures. Perfect home. Perfect life. Right? Well. Sometimes, right. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by pillows on the floor, shoes scattered all over my entryway, dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned, dirty laundry piled up upstairs, and the remains of two graduate papers waiting on me.… Continue reading I’m Perfecting Busyness


Close. Comfort. And Something Like Courage.

Once again, I find myself sitting in Starbucks. On my drive through Eastern Kentucky into town, I figured this trip would be no different than the others. Today has been a mundane day. Nothing awful, but also nothing extraordinary. I grabbed my backpack. Macbook, journal, headphones - my usual. I took the same route as… Continue reading Close. Comfort. And Something Like Courage.