Love thy unloving neighbor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. And not in the way most of you are probably thinking. We've all heard the phrase, "love thy neighbor" but I think we've fallen into the lie that the "neighbor" we are called to love is that sweet family with the white picket fence and perfectly manicured… Continue reading Love thy unloving neighbor.


Five Years Deep

“We’ll never know the deep, deep love of God” Those were some of the words that I sang at church this morning before heading back to Kentucky. Those were some of the words that I hummed to between sips of black cherry soda. Those were some of the words that I had 5.5 hours through… Continue reading Five Years Deep

Thankful for Springtime, Thankful for Life.

Have you ever taken the time to be thankful to be alive? And I don’t just mean a passing thought either. I mean take the time to really be thankful. Have you ever stopped to just praise God for the life He’s given you? Have you stopped to thank and praise Him regardless of the… Continue reading Thankful for Springtime, Thankful for Life.