Looks, lenses, and laughter

My life as a photographer has always felt like somewhat of a double standard.
 There, I said it. Those horrible words. I have made a career where my focal point is helping people to feel comfortable, beautiful/handsome, and confident in the body that God has designed for them. And I love it. I love that… Continue reading Looks, lenses, and laughter


Red; bold red.

Last week something strange happened. I was sitting in my living room Thursday working on a paper and I began to notice something was wrong. I felt a small patch of hives on my upper left cheek forming. But I figured If I let them be, they would go away. I continued working on my… Continue reading Red; bold red.

Campfire, Convictions, and Childlike Faith

This past week was the first regular season week of the camp I work at. It was hectic at times. It was jumbled at times. It was overwhelming at times.
It was filled with stress at times. It seemed impossible at times. at times. And there is a trend that I picked up on with those… Continue reading Campfire, Convictions, and Childlike Faith

Love Letters and Little Fish

This past week was my first at Park Springs for the summer. I love working at camp, I always have. But this summer is slightly different than the others. My position is different. And this is my first summer as a college graduate. My life has entered into a transitional period, and somehow, in the… Continue reading Love Letters and Little Fish

To be, or not to be, or to be both, or to be none at all.

The last few weeks (month, really) have flown by. They were incredibly demanding and very busy. I had a choir tour. An exit interview to take. Research papers to submit. Finals to study for (and take) A commencement speech to write. A dorm room to pack up. An apartment to move things into. A baccalaureate… Continue reading To be, or not to be, or to be both, or to be none at all.

Heart attacks & taking steps back

Have you ever had a heart attack? And no, I don’t mean the medical emergency dealing with the organ. I mean your heart. It is defined as the “central or innermost part of something”, “the center of a person’s thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion” and “courage or enthusiasm" It is your core. It… Continue reading Heart attacks & taking steps back

“Because I Said So…”

“Because I said so” Growing up, I heard this one a time or two (or three, or four, or ….) I rarely questioned something my parents said out of rebellion, mostly just out of curiosity. But there were times that I simply didn’t want to listen, I wanted to be lazy, I wanted to do… Continue reading “Because I Said So…”

Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 2

Struggles Everyone always talks about struggling. This week I have talked about various things being ‘the struggle’ Just tonight at dinner I spoke with a friend about being on the ‘struggle bus’ Struggles can come in the form of many things. Struggles can be big, or they can be small. Struggles can be internal, or… Continue reading Things Lifeguarding Taught Me Pt. 2